Courses in Plant Breeding at NCSU

List of graduate (undergraduate) courses by department

Graduate students working toward a degree in plant breeding will major in a commodity-based department (Crop Science, Forestry, Horticultural Science) and minor in Genetics (M.S. students are not required to have a minor).

In order to minor in Genetics, a student should include a member of the Genetics faculty on his or her graduate committee, and take GN 701, GN 702, GN 703, and ST 511. Please contact our plant breeding faculty for more information.

Plant Breeding Core Courses:

Plant-Breeding-Related Courses:

  • Animal Science (ANS course list)
  • Bioinformatics (BI course list)
    • BI 501 Bioinformatics I
    • BI 502 Bioinformatics II
  • Biotechnology (BIT course list)
    • BIT 468 Genome mapping
    • BIT 810 Core technologies in molecular and cellular biology
    • BIT 815A Computer analysis of DNA sequence
    • BIT 815B Polymerase chain reaction technologies
    • BIT 815I Instrumentation and automation for genomics
  • Crop Science (CS course list)
    • CS 685/HS 885 MS/PhD supervised teaching
    • CS 690/HS 890 MS final/PhD preliminary examination
    • CS 695/HS 895 MS thesis/PhD dissertation research
  • Entomology (ENT course list)
    • ENT 762 Insect pest management in agricultural crops
    • ENT 791R Insects and plants
  • Forestry (FOR course list)
  • Genetics (GN course list)
    • GN 513 Advanced genetics
    • GN 701 Molecular genetics
    • GN 702 Cellular and developmental genetics
    • GN 703 Population and quantitative genetics
  • Genomic Science (GS course list)
    • GS 735 Introduction to genomic science
    • GS 811 Journal club
  • Horticultural Science (HS course list)
    • HS 685/HS 885 MS/PhD supervised teaching
    • HS 690/HS 890 MS final/PhD preliminary examination
    • HS 695/HS 895 MS thesis/PhD dissertation research
    • HS 699/HS 899 MS thesis/PhD dissertation preparation

Plant-Breeding-Related Courses (continued):

  • Plant Pathology (PP course list)
    • PP 500 Plant disease: principles, diagnosis and management
    • PP,BO,MB 501 Fungi and their interaction with plants
    • PP,CS,HS 502 Plant disease: methods and diagnosis
    • PP,MB 503 Bacteria and their interactions with plants
    • PP 504 Plant nematology
    • PP 505 Introductory plant virology
    • PP 506 Epidemiology and plant disease control
  • Statistics (ST course list)
    • ST 511 Experimental statistics for biological sciences I
    • ST 512 Experimental statistics for biological sciences II
    • ST 524 Statistics in plant science
    • ST 711 Design of experiments
    • ST,GN 721 Genetic data analysis
    • ST,GN 757 Statistics for molecular quantitative genetics
    • ST,GN 770 Statistical concepts in genetics

Other Courses of Interest:

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