Photographs from Vegetable Breeding Programs

These are some images from plant breeding programs at North Carolina State University, made available courtesy of the plant breeding faculty.

Potato (Yencho)-flower variation

Sweetpotato (Yencho)-greenhouse plants

Sweetpotato (Yencho)-flowers

Sweetpotato (Yencho)-root harvest

Tomato (Gardner)-field pollinations

Tomato (Gardner)-fruit set

Cucumber (Wehner)-winter greenhouses

Cucumber (Wehner)-pollinations

Cucumber (Wehner)-recurrent selection

Cucumber (Wehner)-breeding plots

Cucumber (Wehner)-seed production

Cucumber (Wehner)-seed harvest

Cucumber (Wehner)-Sri Lanka advisor

Cucumber (Wehner)-China exchange

Luffa gourd (Wehner)-field pollinations

Luffa gourd (Wehner)-sponge processing

Watermelon (Wehner)-S.Africa germplasm

Watermelon (Wehner)-S.Africa germplasm

Watermelon (Wehner)-field pollinations

Watermelon (Wehner)-flesh color mutants

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