More information - Plant Breeding at NCSU

The plant breeding web pages at NC State University were started in 1997 to provide a place to post information on the interdepartmental seminars for plant breeding. The pages were expanded to provide links to faculty working on plant breeding in the various departments at NC State. Information on courses available to plant breeding students is being added to help in planning MS and PhD programs. Eventually, there will be career planning and additional information on personnel.

Specific facts on faculty, crops and courses are not included on the plant breeding web pages, but there are links to pages where the information is maintained by research and extension faculty.

The pages were designed to be read on a computer having a small (15 inch) monitor set at 640 x 480 resolution, without having to scroll left and right. The information is presented in outline format to show relationships among items, and to avoid the use of multiple levels to find information. Graphics are kept to a minimum, and usually in a separate area so that pages will load rapidly for people using modem connections. Finally, each page has an author, creation date, and modification date so it can be cited.

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