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Cucurbit Genetics Cooperative Report 6:46 (article 22) 1983

A Third Male Sterile Gene in Muskmelon

J. D. McCreight and G. W. Elmstrom

U. S. Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service, P. O. Box 5098, Salinas, CA 93915 (first author) and IFAS, P. O. Box 388, Leesburg, FL 32748 (second author)

A third male sterile gene was discovered in PI 321005 (a cross between Georgia 47 and Smith’s Perfect) by the second author at Leesburg, Florida in 1975. Four F2 progenies scored in the greenhouse segregated 176 fertile:56 male sterile, a close fit to the expected 3:1 monogenic ratio (X2 = O.0919, P = 0.80–0.90). Three testcross families segregated 100 fertile:76 male sterile, a loose fit to the expected 1:1 ratio (X2 = 3.2727, P = 0.05–0.10).

Flowers on this male sterile are phenotypically distinct from those on male sterile-1 and male sterile-2 (1, 2). The anthers are approximately the same size on fertile and male sterile plants, but those on male sterile plants have a dull, waxy, translucent appearance. Male sterile plants are easily identified.

This male sterile is not allelic to ms-1 or ms-2: all progenies from reciprocal crosses with ms-1 and ms-2 were fertile. The linkage relationship of this gene with ms-1 and ms-2 is unknown. The name male sterile-L and symbol ms-L are proposed for this gene.

Field data indicate that this male sterile line does have good fruit quality and makes a good hybrid parent. Limited quantities of seed will be made available under a separate release notice in 1983.

Literature Cited

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