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Cucurbit Genetics Cooperative Report 7:102 (article 46) 1984

Special Request - Request for Germplasm of Cucurbits

A.P.M. den Nijs

Institute for Horticultural Plant Breeding (IVT), P.O.B. 16, 6700 AA Wageningen, The Netherlands

In our research to lower the energy requirements of glasshouse cucumbers for the heated winter culture in the Netherlands, we are studying rootstock/graft interactions in addition to selection of cucumber genotypes which grow well at lower temperatures.

The commonly used rootstock for cucumber is Cucurbita ficifolia, but a different wild cucurbit, Sicyos angulatus also holds promise for our winter culture at low temperatures. This rootstock has been in use in Japan for some time, especially because of its tolerance for low soil temperatures. We find our accession of this species (which is endemic in the americas) highly resistant to several soil diseases.

However, the plant is very slender and does not easily permit grafting. We therefore request seeds of other accessions of Sicyos angulatus or related cucurbit species to evaluate their potential as rootstock for the glasshouse cucumber.

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