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Cucurbit Genetics Cooperative Report 8:85 (Article 33) 1985

Stocks and Germplasm Desired or for Exchange

Stocks Desired

Todd C. Wehner

Department of Horticultural Science, North Carolina State University, Raleigh NC 27695-7609

I am in the process of collecting lines of all known genes of cucumber in order that we do not lose these valuable resources. There are 88 different (presumably) genes in Cucumis sativus that have been described to date. I would like to begin by making a complete collection of the genes, then increasing seed supplies of them for distribution to those of you who would like to use them in research and breeding programs, and finally, begin some research on linkage and allelism.

Please send me all of the single gene mutants (including those that may not have been published) that you have in your collections so that I may provide this service to cucumber researchers throughout the world. If you are unable to send me an inbred line (with a particular gene in it) for reasons of protecting proprietary material, then send me a hybrid or segregating family that I could use to isolate the gene by self-pollination.

Cucumis Species of Interest to Muskmelon Breeders

T. W. Whitaker

P. O. Box 150, La Jolla, CA 92038

The material is from Zambia, Africa and was collected in 1984. Interested persons should contact Dr. George White, Plant Introduction Officer, USDA, ARS, Germplasm Resources Laboratory, BARC-WEST, Beltsville, MD 20705, (301-344-3663).


Collection #


Collection #

Cucumis sp. (wild)


Cucumis sativus



Cucumis sp. (wild)



Cucumis melo (?)




Cucumis sp. (melo?)


Cucumis sp. (wild)



Cucumis melo


Cucumis melo


Cucumis anguria (?)


The collections have extremely small seeds and are evidently uncultivated forms of C. melo or its relatives. They deserve to be grown and tested for genes that may be of value in a muskmelon breeding program.

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