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Cucurbit Genetics Cooperative Report 10:64-65 (article 34) 1987

Germplasm Resources of Citrullus lanatus [(Thunb.) Matsum and Nakai]

F. Nuez, M.J. Díez, G. Palomares, C. Ferrando

Departamento de Genética, Universidad Politécnica, Valencia, Spain

J. Cuartero

Finca Experimental "La Mayora", Algarrobo-Costa, Malaga, Spain

J. Costa

C.R.I.A., La Alberca, Murcia, Spain

During 1984 and 1985, a collection of vegetable crop species seeds was carried out in Spain. Watermelon was enclosed in this project which was partialy supported by I.B.P.G.R./F.A.O. In addition to many other crops, 67 accessions of watermelon were collected. Samples of all of them have been sent to the National Seed Storage Laboratory, U.S.D.A., Fort Collins (U.S.A.).

Samples were collected from the following areas: Valencia (V), Andalucía (AN), Castilla-La Mancha (CM), Extremadura (E), Cataluña (C), and Aragón (A). Table 1 shows the items collected.

Table 1. Accessions collected.

Acknowledgements: We are extremely grateful to the Diputación Provincial de Valencia, Servicio de Extensión Agraria and to all those who have collected vegetable crop germplasm: P. Corella, G. Anastasio, M.L. Gómez-Guillamon, M.S. Catalá, F. Benayas, A. Alonso-Allende, M.C. Ayuso, R.V. Molina and C. Cortés.

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