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Cucurbit Genetics Cooperative Report 12:67 (article 28) 1989

Studies of Watermelon Germplasm Resources and Breeding. III. Correlation between Parents and their F1 Hybrids, Phenotypic Correlation Among Characters and Path Analysis

Zhang Xingping and Wang Ming

Department of Horticulture, Northwestern University, Yangling, Shaanxi, 71202, P.R. China

Abstract. Twenty-one (21) watermelon lines and their 19 F1 hybrids were tested for correlation analysis between parents and their F1 hybrids, phenotypic correlation and path coefficient analysis. The results indicated that significantly positive correlation existed between midparents and F1 hybrids for fruit yield per plant, fruit numbers per plant, fruit weight, soluble solids content, resistance, and extremely significant correlation was found between high parents and F1 hybrids for resistance. There has been a significant correlation between fruit weight and fruit yield per plant, shoot thickness and fruit weight, resistance and soluble solids content. The results obtained from path coefficient analysis suggested that fruit weight has an obviously direct effect on fruit yield per plant and indirect effects on shoot thickness and fruit yield per plant mainly via fruit weight, apart from the direct effect by itself.

Key Words: watermelon; germplasm resources; heterosis; correlation; path analysis

(Abstract reprinted from Acta Univ. Setpentrionsli Occident Agric. 15(1):82-87. 1987. (With 3 tables, 13 references).)

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