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Cucurbit Genetics Cooperative Report 16:90-91 (article 34) 1993

Cucumber, Melon and Squash Germplasm from the Cornell Collection

Molly Kyle, George Moriarty and Henry M. Munger

Department of Plant Breeding and Biometry, Cornell University, Ithica, NY 14853

A number of accessions and breeding lines representing H. M. Munger's Cucumis and Cucurbita germplasm collection have been increased in recent years and are available to interested workers. This work was supported in part by Hortinnova and Petoseed Co.


Tokyo Long Green
Yomaki - Source of high level PMR
Hawaii 60G-10 - Source of high level PMR bred by Gilbert
Denna's Dwarf - Tablegreen ype
Marketmore 80 Bw (Bacterial Wilt Resistance)
Albion (PMR551) Bw (Bacterial Wilt Resistance)
additional cucumber germplasm listed in Munger (1985)
PMR Iroquois
PMR Monoecious Iroquois
Delicious 51 - (typical Delicious 51)
PD 23 - selection 23, PMR Delicious 51, male parent of 'Progress' hybrid
PB 13 - Minn 90-36, Fusarium resistant, similar to PB12 (Minn 99-36), the resistant parent of Iroquois
MR 324, 335 - Eastern type with low level cucumber mosaic (CM) resistance
M (+MMR) 324, 328, 339 Eastern type with low level CM resistance
PM (= PMM) 324, 328, 339 Eastern type with low level CM resistance + monoecious + PMR

PPM 339 - Monoecious, PMR + papaya ringspot resistance

ZPPM 339 - PPM 339 + ZYM resistance
PMR Charentais
Siberian Honeydew
C. melo conomon 'Freeman cucumber' - source of CM resistance (Enzie 1943)
C. melo dudaim - Source of monoecious (Wall 1967) and WM resistance
PI 414723-4 S3 - Source of WMV and ZYM resistance
Genic male sterility in Eskandarany Egyptian squash (C. pepo)
Male sterile EPS type derived from Eskandarany
Male Sterile Caserta type derived from Eskandarany
CMR 469 - CMV-resistant yellow C. pepo derived from C. martinezii
W225 - CMV-resistant yellow C. pepo derived from C. martinezii (viny)
PI 174186 selected for scab resistanace
Early Prolific Straightneck x PI 174186 F2 and backcrosses
PI 174183 selected for scab resistance
C. martinezii Source of powdery mildew resistance (Contin and Munger 1977), CMV resistance and gummy stem blight resistance
C. pepo x C. moschata bush butternut populations (Munger 1990).
C. mixta Variant, silver skin gourd

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