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Minutes - Most Recent Meeting

  • The cucurbit genetics cooperative met with the annual conference of the American Society for Horticultural Science conference in Scottsdale, Arizona at 9 am in the Rainmaker A room on July 16, 2007. The following issues were discussed at the meeting.
    • We will be voting to change the by-laws to add three associate chair positions, one each for the print edition, membership, and treasurer. They will assist the chair, who will also be the website editor. That will keep CGC running smoothly without overloading any one person. Angela Davis is the associate chair for the printed journal, Linda Wessel-Beaver is the associate chair for membership, and Tim Ng is the associate chair for treasurer. For more information, see the current leadership list.
    • Todd Wehner will continue as CGC chair and website editor.
    • Jack Staub has resigned as assistant editor for cucumber after 15 years of dedicated service in that role to CGC. A nominating committee was established to identify a replacement. The committee consisted of assistant editors: Kevin Crosby, Mark Hutton, Gabriele Gusmini, and Stephen King (chair). They drafted Rebecca Grumet to serve as the new assistant editor for cucumber.
    • The website is on a server at NC State University. We have obtained the short address of for the site.
    • CGC volumes 1 through 6 have been typed and proofed and are now on the website. CGC volumes 7 through 22 have been typed and are being proofed. We are typing volumes 23 to 29 now.
    • Angela Davis is finishing CGC volume 29 (2006) and having it printed
    • We are now calling for papers for CGC volume 30 (2007); assistant editors will be looking for reports of interest in their crop areas.
    • Linda Wessel-Beaver is updating the membership list. Please contact her to make sure she has your correct mailing address. We have about 160 members and would like to invite previous members to become active in CGC again.
    • You can now pay your membership dues on line at Google Checkout using most major credit cards.
    • The vegetable improvement newsletter volumes 1 through 24 have been typed and proofed and are now on the website.
    • The next meeting of the cucurbit genetics cooperative will at the EUCARPIA cucurbit conference in Avignon, France in the summer of 2008.
  • The cucurbit genetics cooperative met with the Cucurbitaceae 2006 conference in Asheville, North Carolina at 6 pm on September 18. The following issues were discussed:
    • After considering the options, there was a unanimous vote to increase CGC membership dues to $20/year starting with CGC 30 (2007). Dues will be $30 for all three CGC volumes: 27 (2004), 28 (2005), and 29 (2006). Back issues continue to be offered for sale (subject to availability) at $10 per volume. The American Society for Horticultural Science has agreed to handle the funds for the annual membership dues for CGC. They will set up an account for us.
    • The membership list was expanded and updated. Conference attendees were encouraged to register for CGC membership, and many took advantage of the offer.
    • The idea of having CGC available only on the web was discussed. It was decided to continue the print version of CGC until there was a larger percentage of the membership online with high speed connections.

Cucurbit Genetics Cooperative Report

  • CGC 29 (2006) is being printed and will be distributed to the membership soon. If you do not receive your copy, contact Linda Wessel-Beaver.
  • The call for papers for CGC 30 (2007) is up, and we are accepting papers for the volume now.

The Cucurbit Network

  • In 1994 Deena Decker-Walters and Tom Andres founded The Cucurbit Network (TCN). Since then, we have published two newsletters a year for a total of 24 issues. Our last issue included an announcement that Deena was resigning as its president at the end of the year. Now, TCN is being reorganized under the International Society for Horticultural Science (ISHS) and the newsletter will continue with two issues a year. This arrangement, with the guidance and expertise of the Cucurbitaceae Working Group at ISHS, is an ideal match. Not only will TCN be able to continue its newsletter across a broad range of disciplines, but it will also be able to grow by reaching a larger international audience.
  • TCN will strive to present articles on all aspects of cucurbit science as well as popular cultural aspects of cucurbits, while fostering communication among the diverse TCN members from horticulturalists, breeders, ethnobotanists to gourd artists, culinary artisans, and other enthusiasts. The Web site will be updated to reflect the latest news and developments in cucurbit taxonomy, and provide other features including a small online store. Details will soon follow on how you can join and participate in the new TCN in 2006. Anyone interested in one or more of the approximately 825 cultivated and wild species in the plant family Cucurbitaceae is welcome.


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