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Proceedings - Cucurbitaceae '94

Table of Contents

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Whitefly and Viral Diseases

The Combined Effects of Whitefly Biotype and Virus/host interactions on Genetic Variability of Whitefly-transmitted Geminivirus Isolates in Cucurbits

Judy K. Brown

Whitefly-transmitted Yellowing Viruses of the Cucurbitaceae

James E. Duffus

Genetic Engineering of Virus Resistance in Cucurbits

Rebecca Grumet

Host Plant Resistance in Melons to Whiteflies

David Riley

Vine Declines

An Overview of Vine Declines of Melons

Marvin E. Miller

Monosporascus Root Rot/vine Declines on Melons - A Case Study

Ray D. Martyn

Sudden Wilt of Melons from a Northeastern U.S. Perspective

Tom A. Zitter

Fruit Pathogens and Breeding for Disease Resistance

Etiology, Epidemiology, and Control of Muskmelon Fruit Rots

Benny D. Bruton

Breeding Cucurbits for Multiple Disease Resistance

Molly Kyle

Molecular Tagging of Virus Resistance Genes in Cucumber

Michael J. Havey

Plant Defense Mechanisms and Induced Resistance

Osmotin Mediated Host Plant Phytopathogenic Fungal Resistance

Mike Hasagawa

Inducible Genes and Plant Responses to Stress

John Mullet

The Use of Plant Growth-promoting Rhizobacteria to Induce Systemic Resistance in Cucumber against Diseases and Insects

Joseph W Kloepper

Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria to Induce Systemic Resistance to Fusarium Fruit Rot in Muskmelon

Cynthia Eayre

Breeding and Germplasm Evaluation

Broadening the Genetic Base of Cucurbita spp.: Strategies for Evaluation and Incorporation of Germplasm

Linda Wessel Beaver

Yield Improvement in Cucumber

Todd Wehner

Improvement of Tropical Pumpkin [Cucurbita moschata (Lam.) Poir.]

Donald N. Maynard

Biotechnological Support for Breeding

Problems Associated with Map Construction and the Use of Molecular Markers in Plant Improvement

Jack Staub

Genetic Resources of the Cucurbitaceae

Richard Robinson

Transformation of Squash Resistant to Viruses

Hector Quemada

Physiology of Cucurbit Improvement

Organization and Expression of Phloem Protein Genes in Cucurbita

Gary A. Thompson

Enhancing the Ripening of 'Netted' and 'Honeydew' Type Muskmelon Fruit

Krista Shellie

Auxin Localization and Metabolism during Fruit Ripening in Cantaloupe

Jerry D. Cohen

Current and Emerging Issues

Crop Genetics Cooperatives: The Endless Frontier?

Tim Ng

The Plant Genome Project - Its Challenges, Where It May Lead Us

J.P. Miksche

Issues Involving Genetic Distance and Plant Variety Protection

Jack Staub

Designing Vegetables for Improved Nutrition

Leonard Pike

Rising World Demand for Cucurbits Should Influence Direction of Cucurbit Research

Merritt Taylor

Legal, Scientific, and Marketing Issues Affecting Cucurbits

Al Burkett

Opportunities and Issues of Cucurbit Production from the Producer's Prospective

Bob Peterson


A Database For Cucurbita Cultivars

Thomas C. Andres

Observations of Triploid Melon under Intensive Greenhouse Management in Japanese Hydroponic Production System

Jeffrey Adelberg

Generating Tetraploid Watermelons From Tissue Culture

Xingping Zhang

Fluoroscopy as a Non-Invasive Method for Detecting Hollowheart and Seeds in Watermelon Fruit

Fred T. McCuistion, Jr.

A Rapid Method for Cleaning Seed from Single Watermelon Fruit

Perry E. Nugent

Genes Controlling Watermelon Seed Size

Xingping Zhang

Short Sequence Repeat (SSR) DNA Markers in Watermelon

R.L. Jarret

Inheritance of Resistance to Zucchini Yellow Mosaic Virus in 'Egun' Watermelon Controlled by a Single Dominant Gene

George E. Boyhan

Comparison of Triploid and Diploid Watermelon Cultivars for Susceptibility to Bacterial Fruit Blotch

D.L. Hopkins

Yellow Vine Disease of Watermelon and Cantaloupe in Central Texas and Oklahoma

B.D. Bruton

Disease Resistant Tetraploid Citrullus lanatus

O.J. Eigsti

Screening Cucumber and Watermelon for Resistance to Anthracnose, Colletotrichum orbiculare

L.A. Wasilwa

Screening the Cucumber Germplasm Collection for Nine Horticultural Traits

Todd C. Wehner

Optimalization of Cucumber (Cucumis sativus L.) Haploid Production and Doubling

Katarzyna Niemirowicz-Szcztt

RFLP Mapping of Locus acr Controlled Sex Expression In Cucumber

S. Matsuura

Effect of Explant Orientation on Cotyledon Culture of Cucumis sativus L.

Anup K. Misra

Acquired Disease Resistance Response in Pickling Cucumbers is Influenced by Plant Development and Cultural Factors

Irvin Widders

Yield of Pickling Cucumber as Influenced by Black Plastic Mulch and Plant Population

Jonathan R. Schultheis

Weed Management Studies for Processing Cucumbers

John O'Sullivan

Calcium Concentration of Fruit from Four Pickling Cucumber Genotypes with Different Fruit Firmness

Kevin L. Cook

Muskmelon Cultivar and Fruit Size Affect Beta-carotene Content

Gene Lester

Potential Use of a Wild Melon (Cucumis melo L. var. chito) as a Source of Useful Genetic Variation

Javier Gonzalez-Ramos

Genetic Transformation of a Recalcitrant Melon (Cucumis melo L.) Variety

Victor Gaba

Development of Molecular Markers for Genome Analysis in Cucumis melo

Irina Kovalski

Application of RAPD and SSR Analyses to the Identification and Mapping of Melon (Cucumis melo L.) Varieties

Nurit Katzir

Molecular Polymorphism Between Two Cucumis melo Lines and Linkage Groups

Sylvie Baudracco-Arnas

Preliminary Analysis of dsRNA Length Polymorphisms in Clonal, Root, and Field Populations of Monosporascus cannonballus

B.R. Lovie

Vine Decline Problems Affecting Melons in California

T.R. Gordon

Searching for Resistances to Sphaerotheca fuliginea and Two Yellowing Diseases in Cucumis melo and Related Cucumis Species

M.L. Gomez-Guillamon

Field and Greenhouse Screens for Gummy Stem Blight Resistance in Cucumis melo and Cucurbita spp.

Yiping Zhang

Silverleaf Whitefly On Melons In California, Florida, South Carolina, and Texas

James D. McCreight

Plant Population Studies Utilizing Six Plant Spacings and Three Honeydew Melon Cultivars

L.P. Brandenberger

Comparison of Genetic Control To Chemical Control and Evaluation of an Integrated Program for Managing Powdery Mildew in Summer Squash

Margaret Tuttle McGrath

The Dominant Wf (White Flesh) Allele is Necessary for Expression of "White" Mature Fruit Color in Cucurbita pepo

Harry S. Paris

Heritability of Seed Size and its Association with Fruit Size in a Hull-less Seeded F2 Population of Cucurbita pepo L.

R. Bruce Carle

Evaluation of Melon Germplasm of Resistance to Monosporascus Root Rot/vine Decline

David W. Wolff

Ethylene Production Rate and Postharvest Shelf-life of Melons With Diverse Ripening Phenotypes

David W. Wolff

Field Screening For Resistance to Races 1 and 2 of Fusarium oxysporum f sp. melons in Melon (Cucumis melo L.)

Timothy J Ng


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