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VI Eucarpia Meeting on Cucurbit Genetics and Breeding

28th-30th May, 1996

Malaga, Spain

The invitation sent by the Eucarpia Cucurbitaceae '96 Organizing Committee to attend the VI Eucarpia Meeting on Cucurbit Genetics and Breeding has been warmly received. One hundred and forty colleagues have answered the first circular, with 64 of them expressing their intention to contribute papers/posters and 34 of them wishing to exhibit their cucurbit varieties in the demonstration trial.

The tentative subject areas for contributed presentations can be grouped as follows:

  • Disease Resistance and Plant Pathology (26)
  • Biotechnology and Physiology (11)
  • Genetics and Breeding (22)
  • Miscellaneous (5)

Cucurbitaceae '96 will mainly focus on Genetics and Breeding. Nonetheless, some respondents have expressed their intention to contribute papers on other topics. Their presentations will be welcomed providing that the relationship of their work on genetics and breeding is especially emphasized in their Introduction and Discussion.

One or two roundtable discussions about relevant topics will be organized if there is sufficient interest. Please give us your opinion about which topics would be discussed when you send in the registration form.

Provisional Program

27th May

  • 19:00-20:00 Registration

28th May

  • 8:30 Registration
  • 9:00 Opening session
  • 9:30 Genetics and Breeding session
  • 10:30 Coffee break
  • 11:00 Genetics and Breeding session
  • 13:00 Lunch
  • 14:00 Biotechnology/Physiology session
  • 16:00 Cultural evening

29th May

  • 7:30 Technical visit to "La Mayora" Experimental Station - CSIC where the demonstration trial will take place
  • 13:00 Lunch
  • 15:30 Visit to Nerja Caves
  • 20:00 Farewell dinner

30th May

  • 8:30 Disease Resistance/Plant Pathology session
  • 10:30 Coffee break
  • 11:00 Disease Resistance/Plant Pathology session
  • 13:00 Lunch
  • 14:00 Miscellaneous session
  • 15:00 Poster session
  • 16:30 Round table discussion

31st May

  • 7:00 Optional post-meeting technical excursion to visit a greenhouse area near Malaga
  • 19:00 Arrival to hotels

Oral and Poster Presentations

Authors are requested to send a note together with the manuscript stating if they prefer the paper to be presented orally or by poster. Time for oral presentations will be 12 minutes including discussion. Overhead and slide projectors will be available.

A space of 1.20 x 1.20 m for posters will be available. Each poster should have a heading with title, author and affiliation. Posters can be set up in the afternoon on 27th May and in the morning (8:00-9:00) on 28th May. The posters will be exhibited throughout the Meeting.

Variety Demonstration Trial

Thirty-four colleagues have expressed their interest to participate in the demonstration trial, and we have already received several seed samples. The plants will be grown in a polyethylene greenhouse, in graveled soil with drip irrigation, with two replications. Each replication will be of 20 plants. Melon and cucumber plants will be supported by vertical nets. The deadline to receive the seeds is 15th September, 1995. As the space for the trial is limited, please state a priority order for your varieties. The demonstration trial fee will be 15,000 pesetas/cultivar, but it will be free for up to 3 varieties from researchers coming from non-profit organizations. Please send this fee along with the registration payment.

Registration Instructions

Advanced registration is required. A registration form can be obtained from either of the following:

Organizing Committee
Eucarpia Cucurbitaceae '96
Estacion Experimental "La Mayora", C.S.I.C.
29750 - Algarrobo, Malaga, Spain
Phone: 34-5-2552656
Fax: 34-5-2552677

Cucurbit Genetics Cooperative
1122 Holzapfel Hall
College Park, Maryland 20742-5611 USA
Phone: (301) 405-4345
Fax: (301) 314-9305

Advanced registration, before 1st February 1996, is 35,000 pesetas
Late registration, after 1st February 1996, is 38,000 pesetas

The registration fee includes:

  • Attendance to all events during the Meeting
  • Coffee, refreshments, and pastries during working session breaks
  • Working lunches (3 days)
  • Farewell dinner
  • Book of Proceedings

The fee should be paid by a bank cheque or by international postal money order to:

Asociacion de Congresos Horticolas
La Mayora Experimental Station
29750 Algarrobo-Costa
Malaga, Spain

Personal checks will not be accepted. Refunds on the registration fee, after deduction on an administrative charge, will be only made upon written request received before 15th April 1996.


Cervantes Hotel in Torremolinos will be the host for the Meeting. The Hotel *** is about 500 m away from the Cervantes Hotel. However, the Organizing Committee recommends the Cervantes Hotel because the comfort of the rooms and hotel services is worth the price difference.

Hotel reservation forms can be obtained from the same two sources listed above for the Meeting registration form. The travel agency Viajes Benamar can be contacted for all matters related to hotel accommodation:

Viajes Benamar
Calle de la Cruz, 26
29620 Torremolinos, Malaga, Spain
Phone: 34-5-2385144
Fax: 34-5-2389342
Telex: 7738

Accompanying People

The fee for the accompanying people programme is 10,000 pesetas. This includes:

  • Cultural evening
  • Farewell dinner
  • Technical visit
  • Visit to "La Mayora" Experimental Station

Viajes Benamar will arrange a whole-day tourist visit to Ronda and a half-day excursion to the Malaga countryside for interested accompanying people. A minimum of 30 people will be necessary to organize either of these excursions.


Seed Samples...................................15th September 1995
Hotel reservation form.......................15th December 1995
Papers....................................................1st January 1996
Registration and fee payment.................1st February 1996
Hotel payment....................................15th February 1996

Technical Visit

A technical excursion that includes a visit to a greenhouse area near Malaga will be arranged for 31st May. The cost will be 5,000 pesetas. If you are interested, please indicate it in the definitive registration form.

Post-Meeting Tour

Viajes Benamar will also organize a tourist excursion to Granada on 1st June. Price, including lunc, will be 5,900 pesetas. A minimum of 30 people will be necessary.


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