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Invitation to the Symposium

The International Society for Horticultural Science (ISHS), and the University of Çukurova invite all scientists with interests in cucurbits to articipate and to present papers at the First International ISHS Symposium on Cucurbits, 1997, in Adana, Turkey.

This scientific meeting will be the first ISHS symposium devoted exclusively to cucurbits. It will provide a golden opportunity for the cooperation and exchange of information among scientists from all over the World.

Cucurbits are of great economic importance and have a long tradition of cultivation in Turkey. May is the beginning of the growing season for the majority of cucurbit vegetable crops and is therefore an excellent occasion to visit the cucurbit production areas nearby Adana while enjoying the pleasant weather at this time of the year.

The symposium will be held in the campus of Çukurova University which is on an area surrounded by the Seyhan Dam and has a beautiful view of the historical city of Adana.

Organized by

ISHS Working Group on Vegetables
Department of Horticulture
Faculty of Agriculture
University of Çukurova


  • Prof. Dr. Kazim Abak, Department of Horticulture, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Çukurova, Adana, Turkey

Organizing Committee

  • Kazim Abak
  • Nebahat Sari
  • Saadet Büyükalaca
  • Yildiz Dasgan

Scientific Committee

  • Kazim Abak, Horticulture Department Adana, Turkey
  • Hiroshi Ezura, Plant Biotechnology Institute, Ibaraki, Japan
  • Michel Pitrat, Vegetable Breeding Station, Montfavet, France
  • Gerard W.H. Walles, Vegetable Crops Department, Naaldwijk, Holland
  • Habil, J. Weichmann, Post-harvest Physiol. Department, Munich, Germany
  • Thomas A. Zitter, Plant Pathology Department, Ithaca, USA


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