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Cucurbit Breeding Project

The cucurbit breeding project at North Carolina State University under the direction of Todd Wehner specializes in breeding and genetics research on pickling and slicing cucumber, seeded and seedless watermelon, specialty melons, and luffa (loofah) ridge and sponge gourd.

The research is funded primarily by the state of North Carolina through the NC Agricultural Research Service. However, less than half of the $300,000 operating budget comes from state sources. Therefore, funding of $150,000 to $200,000 per year is needed to pay for equipment, supplies, travel, publications, and labor (technicians, graduate students, visiting scientists, and field crew). Those funds are obtained from grants and gifts.

If you would like to help fund cucurbit breeding research with a gift, send a check made payable to the NC Agricultural Foundation, with a letter to Todd Wehner. An example letter is available.

Other funding opportunities include the establishment of an endowment.

To support my research program through the Horticultural Science Enrichment Fund, please click here. On the personal information page, you will also need to click "In support of"
and type "Todd Wehner's Programs"
in the text box. Thank you!

Providing skilled graduates, scientific research, and useful germplasm to the cucurbit industry
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