The Cucurbit Breeding Project at North Carolina State University, Raleigh is under the direction of Todd C. Wehner. The project specializes in breeding and genetics research on pickling and slicing cucumber, seeded and seedless watermelon, and luffa (loofah) ridge and sponge gourd.

Our research focuses on the following areas: collection and evaluation of germplasm, qualitative genetics and gene mutants, quantitative genetics, selection methods, yield improvement, growth models, polyploidy, post-harvest quality, and resistance to cold, insects, and disease. Our work is done primarily in three laboratories, five greenhouses, and ten experiment stations made available to us by the university.

These web pages will provide you with an overview of our work, and will let you access information, articles, and software we have produced.

You can also visit the pages for the courses I teach (HS 741 and HS 801), and for the plant breeding and vegetable crops programs at NC State.

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