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Professional Communication Skills (HS 601)

Handout - Polaroid Palette Slide Maker (Macintosh)

  • Location: Room 58 Kilgore Hall
  • Power on
    • Turn on the power strip.
    • Turn on Palette. This is very important. The switch is located on the lower left of the front panel,
    • Turn on the Macintosh G4. Let the Palette warm up for about 10 minutes.
  • Load film
    • Open the door on the front of the Palette and open the 35mm camera. A copy of the camera operation manual is located on top of the Palette.
    • Load the film. Use only Kodak Elite Chrome, ISO 100 (ASA) color slide film or Fuji Chrome, ISO 100 color slide film.
    • The camera will unwind the film to the end of the roll. That is, your first slide will be either number 24 or 36 on the film roll. This prevents someone from opening the camera and ruining the slides that have already been shot.
  • Open Powerpoint
    • Launch PowerPoint and open your presentation.
  • Set up Palette
    • Double Click on RasterPlus Polaroid on the desktop.
    • Under the ProPalette 8K Series menu select Film Type.
    • Scroll down to the type of film you are using. Elite Chrome 100 vPI is suggested.
    • There are 3 Fuji film types listed; we think that Fuji Provia 100 RDPII vPI is the correct one (let William Reece know of any problems).
    • Do not make any other changes to the RasterPlus Polaroid menus!
  • Page setup
    • Select Page Setup from the File pull down menu.
    • Verify:
      • Slides Sized for 35mm Slides
      • Width = 11.25 inches
      • Height = 7.5 inches
      • Orientation = Portrait or Landscape. Depends on your presentation.
    • Then click on Options and verify
      • Format = ProPalette 8K Slide Shooter
      • Paper = PowerPoint 35mm
      • Orientation = Portrait or Landscape Depends on your presentation.
      • Usually Landscape
      • Scale = 100%
    • Click on OK in the Options menu. The menu will return to the Page Setup menu.
      • Click on OK in the Page Setup menu.
    • Print from the File pull down menu. Verify:
      • Printer = ProPalette 8k
      • Destination = Printer
      • Copies = 1
      • Pages = All if your presentation is 36 or less.
      • If your presentation is more than 24 or 36 slides you can shoot it on two rolls of film.
      • For example : You have 45 slides to shoot you can shoot slides 1-24 on the first roll and slides 25 &endash; 45 on the second roll. You would enter these numbers in the pages box on the menu.
      • Remember you are 'Printing' your presentation to the ProPalette.
  • Powerpoint features in Print menu
    • Click on the down button on the General menu and select Microsoft PowerPoint. Verify:
      • Print What? = Slides
      • Only Scale to Fit Paper is checked . This is important.
      • Then click on Print.
  • Palette begins making slides
    • Your presentation will begin to process. First the ProPalette will calibrate and then begin to process your images. Each image (slide) will take about 1 1/2 minutes to shoot.
    • A 24 exposure roll will take about 35 minutes to shoot and a 36 exposure roll will take about one hour.
    • The LCD display on the top of the ProPalette will inform you about the status of your job. It rotates through several messages so you may have to wait to see them all.
  • Retrieve the finished film
    • When your presentation is finished the LCD will either say Out of film or display the number of exposures left on the roll of film. RasterPlus Polaroid will not have any jobs waiting and the display will be on your PowerPoint.
    • If you need to rewind the film, press the right most black button on top of the ProPalette (the one marked with an arrow slanting up and to the right), then press button to the left of it (marked with a down arrow) to fully rewind the film.
    • Open the door, open the camera and remove your film.

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