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Course Syllabus

Professional Communication Skills (HS 601)

  • Instructor
  • Secretary
    • Elaine Levin
    • 212 Kilgore Hall
    • Phone: 515-3167
  • Classroom
    • 103 Kilgore Hall
    • Schedule:
    • 1:30 - 3:20 PM Wednesday
  • Office hours
    • Drop in or by appointment
  • Course description and objectives
    • This is an introductory course for first year graduate students majoring or minoring in Horticultural Science. The purpose of this course is to provide the student a wide background in presentation skills, including techniques for speaking and website development, as well as a knowledge of presentation equipment. The goal for students who successfully complete this course is to understand the fundamentals of presentation using slides, posters, and the world wide web, and to gain experience in presenting scientific information.
  • Grading
    • This course is graded on the S / U system.
    • Course grade is based on total points as follows:
      • 10 pts - Attendance
      • 35 pts - Slide seminar
      • 30 pts - Poster presentation
      • 25 pts - Web page
      • 100 pts total
  • Prerequisites
    • Graduate standing
  • Text
    • None
  • Assignments
    • Students will present a seminar at the end of the semester, which will include a slide presentation, a poster presentation, and a brief display of the web page they have created.
  • Attendance
    • All students are expected to attend every laboratory. Students needing to be absent should notify the instructor in advance.
  • Laboratory
    • This course is mainly laboratory work on presentations, student-run presentations, and a few lectures.
  • Field trips
    • This course has no field trips, but laboratories will include walking tours of the facilities around Kilgore Hall, the DH Hill Library, and north campus.
  • Academic integrity
    • Both faculty and students at North Carolina State University have a responsibility to maintain academic integrity. An informational brochure about academic integrity is available from the university and students are encouraged to obtain a copy. Additional information is contained in the NCSU Code of Student Conduct.
  • Academic dishonesty
    • Scholarly activity is marked by honesty, fairness and rigor. A scholar does not take credit for the work of others, does not take unfair advantage of others, and does not perform acts which frustrate the scholarly efforts of others. The violation of any of these principles is academic dishonesty. Academic dishonesty includes the giving, taking, or presenting of information or material by a student with the intent of unethically or fraudulently aiding oneself or another person on any work which is to be considered in the determination of a grade or the completion of academic requirements.
  • Students with disabilities
    • If you have a documented disability, please schedule an appointment with the course instructor to discuss academic accommodations.
  • The honor pledge
    • The students and faculty of NCSU believe that the willingness of students to affirm and adhere to the essential values of honesty and integrity in all their academic endeavors is exemplified in the Honor Pledge: I have neither given nor received unauthorized aid on this test or assignment. It is university policy that all students sign the Honor Pledge on tests and assignments for each course as specified by the instructor.

Providing skilled graduates, scientific research, and useful germplasm to the cucurbit industry
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