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NC Watermelon Association

Annual Meeting - 2002

The 22nd Annual North Carolina Watermelon Association Convention is almost here. It is scheduled for Friday, March 8 and Saturday, March 9, 2002, and will meet at the Hilton Wilmington Riverside. An educational program kicks off the convention on Friday afternoon beginning at 1:15 pm. Registration begins at 12:30 pm. The education program features two out-of-state speakers from Clemson University with expertise in disease control and watermelon production. Dr. Keinath, plant pathologist, has done some innovative work to manage watermelon foliar diseases, while Dr. Hassell, horticulturalist, will cover the key things one must do to have success in growing watermelon transplants. Other topics to be covered include weed management, insect control and management, watermelon cultivar developments, watermelon pollination developments, and methods to control and manage gummy stem blight. All these topics will be covered by a bevy of North Carolina researchers, some the nations finest! The program concludes near 5:00 pm with the President's Reception that follows.

The Saturday educational program continues and begins at 8:30 am with an informal time to discuss and exchange information. Although informal, this format provides one of the best parts of the program. This is a time to learn what buyers want and for growers to make contacts with them in order to sell their product. The time will also be dedicated to discussing the latest with regards to commercial cultivar development, and what marketing efforts are taking place. The education session concludes at 9:30 am and is followed by the general session.

The general session highlights some of the national watermelon programs and begins the process of selecting the next NC Watermelon Association queen. Various fun activities fill the remainder of the day culminating with the banquet at 6 pm Saturday evening.

There is no cost to agents or growers for the Friday program. Agents are encouraged to come and ride with a grower (or several growers). This will be an excellent program and one you won't want to miss! The entire program is below.

Registration for Saturday's program will be $50. This will cover lunch, all other associated activities during the day, and a wonderful evening banquet. To register, call Cathy Price, Secretary of the NC Watermelon Growers Association, 919-334-0093. To reserve a room at the Hilton Wilmington Riverside Hotel, call 910-763-5900. Room rate is $95 for single/double.


Title / Event (with link to abstract)

Speaker (Affiliation)

Friday, March 8

12:30 pm


Hilton, Wilmington Riverside

1:15 pm


Randy Avery, NCWA President, Meg Scott-Phipps, Commissioner of Agriculture (NC Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services)

1:25 pm

NCSU and CALS Update

Eric Young, Associate Research Director (NC State University)

1:30 pm

Growing Transplants - The Complete Package

Richard Hassell (Clemson University)

2:00 pm

Pollination Developments in Watermelon

Mike Stanghellini (NC State University)

2:30 pm

Timing Fungicides to Manage Foliar Diseases on Watermelon

Tony Keinath (Clemson University)

3:00 pm



3:30 pm

Gummy Stem Blight Resistance

Gabriele Gusmini (NC State University)

3:45 pm

Papaya Ringspot Virus Resistance

Nihat Guner (NC State University)

4:00 pm

Orange and Yellow Watermelon Breeding

Todd Wehner (NC State University)

4:15 pm

Fungicide Performance and Melcast Forecaster for Gummy Stem Blight

Gerald Holmes (NC State University)

4:30 pm

Two Arthropod Pests of Watermelon and How to Control Them; Mites and Cucumber Beetles

Ken Sorensen (NC State University)

4:45 pm

Update on Weed Management Strategies for Watermelon

David Monks (NC State University)

5:00 pm



6:00 pm

President's Reception (heavy hors d'oeuvres)


Saturday, March 9

8:00 am


Hilton, Wilmington Riverside

8:30 am

Information Exchange and Discussion Section

Jonathan Schultheis (NC State University)

8:30 am

Variety Updates

Jonathan Schultheis (NC State University); Richard Hassell (Clemson University); Seed company representatives

9:00 am

Marketing Efforts

Debye Scheidt (NC Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services)

9:15 am

Buyer Updates

All representatives from grocery store chains

9:30 am



10:00 am

General Session - Call to Order

Randy Avery, NCWA President

10:15 am



10:30 am



10:45 am

NWA Report

Nancy Childers, Executive Secretary (National Watermelon Association)

11:00 am

NWPB Report

William Watson, Executive Director (National Watermelon Promotion Board)

11:15 am

Introduction of Judges


11:30 am

Speech Competition


11:45 am

Closing Remarks


12:00 n

Lunch and Sportwear Competition


1:15 pm

Queen Contestant Interviews (contestants and judges only)


2:30 pm

Seed Spit Contest


2:45 pm

Social Hour and Auction


6:00 pm

Banquet and Convention


8:30 pm



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