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Plant breeding:
the foundation
of agriculture

4th Annual Plant Breeding Workshop

National Association of Plant Breeders

An Initiative of the Plant Breeding Coordinating Committee (SCC-080)

4th Annual Meeting, August 2010

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What: the annual meeting of the National Association of Plant Breeders, an initiative of the Plant Breeding coordinating committee
Who: all those interested in plant breeding are invited to attend; there are no annual dues; attendees will include public and private sector scientists and graduate students
Where: Johnston, Iowa - ??? hotel
When: August ???, 2010
Host: Stephen Smith, Pioneer Hy-Bred
Objective: The plant breeding coordinating committee serves as a forum regarding issues and opportunities of national and global importance to the public and private sectors of the U.S. national plant breeding effort
Organized by: the Plant Breeding Coordinating Committee (SCC-080)

Newsletter notice:

  • August ???, 2010, Johnston, Iowa: 4th National Plant Breeding Workshop (sponsored by SCC-080, the Plant Breeding Coordinating Committee). The Plant Breeding Coordinating Committee serves as a forum regarding issues and opportunities of national and global importance to the public and private sectors of the U.S. national plant breeding effort.
  • The workshop has three goals: 1) to carry out discussions on strategies to shape the future of plant breeding, 2) to expose participants to state of the art plant breeding research through invited speakers, and 3) to encourage the exchange of knowledge through poster presentations by participants. Confirmed speakers for the meeting include ???
  • All plant breeders are encouraged to attend - student and professional, public sector and industry, U.S. and abroad. An optional tour of public and private breeding facilities is also planned (meeting registration: $235 until July 24; on-site $300). For more information contact Stephen Smith or register online at: ???
    Or see the meeting web page at

Online registration:

  • Register online at: ???


  • Meeting: ??? hotel; see information brochure (pdf)


  • Registration and meeting logistics: ???
  • Speaker subcommittee: ???
  • General agenda subcommittee: ???
  • Business meeting subcommittee: ???
  • Nominations subcommittee: ???

Optional tours:

  • The tour will begin at ???, and will cost $???.
  • Participants must preregister for the tour; there will be no registration at the meeting.

Schedule 2010 meeting:

  • Monday, August ???
    • 11:00 am: ???
  • Tuesday, August ???
    • 8:30 am: ???
  • Wednesday, August ???
    • 7:30 am: ???

Instructions for 2010 Workshop:

  • Arrival
    • Airport: ???
    • Airport transportation: ???
  • General
    • There is no dress code requirement for the sessions. However, keep in mind that it can be difficult to maintain good temperature control in large meeting rooms. We suggest you dress in layers or bring a sweater for your comfort.
    • We will provide you with copies of all workshop-related documents; they are also available on the website. White papers are drafts and have undergone various levels of review, so your input is important. Newer versions may be available on the website.

Speakers and topics:

  • ???


Subcommittee White Papers:

  • ???


The PBCC is a national coordinating committee of U.S. plant breeders (SCC-080) established in 2007 at a workshop co-organized by USDA-CSREES and the Departments of Crop Science and Horticultural Science at North Carolina State University. The committee works to raise awareness of what plant breeders have done for the nation and how they can contribute to the future of the United States. The group seeks to strengthen U.S. plant breeding capacity by encouraging improvements in infrastructure and education. The PBCC was established as a Land-Grant University Multistate Research Coordinating Committee.

According to guidelines of USDA-CSREES (United States Department of Agriculture – Cooperative State Research, Education and Extension Service) and ESCOP (Experiment Station Committee on Organization and Policy), a Coordinating Committee (CC) provides opportunities for scientists, specialists and others to work cooperatively and coordinate activities to solve problems that concern more than one state. The Plant Breeding Coordinating Committee (PBCC) is administered by the Southern Association of Agricultural Experiment Station Directors (SAAESD) and has been assigned the number "SCC-080". However, participants in SCC-080 can be from any state. Experiment Station directors of each state are encouraged to name an official representative to the SCC-080. Anyone from either the public or private sector interested in the future of plant breeding is encouraged to participate in the PBCC (SCC-080). The PBCC is organized into an executive committee and seven subcommittees.


  • Stephen Baenziger at the University of Nebraska (Past chair,
  • Philipp Simon, USDA-ARS at the University of Wisconsin (Chair,
  • Todd Wehner at North Carolina University (Vice-chair,
  • ??? (Secretary, ???)
  • ??? (Web editor, ???)


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