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Plant Breeding Coordinating Committee


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  1. General operations
    1. Multistate Research Coordinating Committees (CC): The membership of a CC is made up of an AA, CSREES representative, scientists, and as applicable, extension specialists and/or extension agents. A CC provides opportunity for scientists, specialists, and others to work cooperatively to solve problems that concern more than one state, share research data, and coordinate research and other types of activities.
  2. Duties of officers and liaisons
    1. Past chair - serves 1 year term; runs elections committee to nominate and elect new officers; leads fund-raising efforts
    2. Chair - serves 1 year term; is liaison with the SAES adminstrative advisor; help to develop the by-laws; coordinates with membership to evaluate future needs; organizes annual meeting; liaison with subcommittee chairs
    3. Vice chair - serves 1 year term; works with chair to help in all areas; becomes chair after serving term
    4. Secretary - serves 1 year term; maintains mailing list; keeps minutes of meetings; helps provide continuity with newly-elected officers; becomes vice chair after serving term
    5. Web editor - serves 2 year term; maintains website, web server and domain name; helps with the mailing list; posts minutes of meetings; can be re-elected
    6. Liaisons - serve 2 year term; acts as spokesperson for the group represented; serves as ambassor from the Plant Breeding CC to the group represented
    7. Subcommittee chair - serves 1 year term; works with Plant Breeding CC chair to accomplish the work plan
    8. Subcommittee vice chair - serves 1 year term; works with subcommittee chair to accomplish the work plan; becomes subcommittee chair after 1 year
    9. Subcommittee secretary - serves 1 year term as secretary, followed by 1 year as vice chair and 1 year as chair; coordinates communication within the subcommittee; keeps minutes of meetings; helps the subcommittee chair
  3. General policies and procedures
    1. In addition to SAES scientists, membership to multistate research activities (but not access to formula funding) is open to Extension educators and others who are in a position to contribute to that activity. This should be seen as encouragement to committees to reach out to others when organizing an activity, recognizing that the multistate research authority is a unique and powerful organizing principle
    2. Requests to join an on-going multistate research project must originate with the administrator of the proposed member's institution; in the case of an SAES that would be the director; for ARS that might be a lab director; for a private laboratory that might be the scientist’s supervisor. This correspondence must include the information required in Appendix E. The request is forwarded to the AA who will consult with the technical committee to arrange for implementation. The AA working with the ED’s office of the sponsoring regional association and CSREES will arrange for completing the necessary documentation.
    3. It is recommended that there be one standard type of governance for all multistate research activities with the election of a chair, a chair-elect, and a secretary.
    4. All decisions by a committee will be made in an open and democratic process. To ensure fairness in decision making, voting is restricted to one vote per respective entity; an entity being a SAES, CES, federal agency, private sector representative.


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