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Plant Breeding Coordinating Committee

Minutes of Meetings and Conference Calls - 2010

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These are the minutes of the Plant Breeding Coordinating Committee.

  • Minutes of telephone conference #38 on April 22, 2010 1:00-2:15p CDT
    • Present: P Simon, T Wehner, S Murray, S Baenziger, A Van Deynze, B Tracy, D Cummings, F Isik, J Scheffler, K Smith, M Havey, S Jansky, T Koch, S Smith, R Whetten, R Mumm
    • Planning continues for the 2010 Annual Meeting: on-line registration is functional and was announced to the membership. Allen Van Deynze will coordinate further advertising of the workshop through SeedWorld, Germination Magazine, Seed Quest, and 70+ other media outlets. Liaisons to various professional groups and societies (Tom Koch, Bill Tracy, Fikret Isik) to provide notifications as well. EC members from private industry were asked to distribute the announcement of the meeting internally within their respective organizations.
    • Todd Wehner represented NAPB and PBCC at a USDA NIFA Stakeholders Meeting in Washington, DC on April 13th. His presentation is posted on the PBCC website.
    • Website update: DreamWeaver will be used to create the new site format. NAPB has a FaceBook account - members are invited to join.
    • Email distributions with topics not directly associated with PBCC/NAPB and other sharing of the PBCC mailing list were discussed, given the number of recent requests. The EC was overwhelmingly in favor of not using the mailing list in these ways. Rather, use of the Plant Breeding News (Clair Hershey) was recommended as a viable alternative for these requests.
    • A link will be added to the NAPB/PBCC website to enable new names to be submitted to the mailing list.
    • Hosts for upcoming Annual Meetings are noted as follows:
      • 2011 - Texas A&M University, College Station TX (Dave Stelly, Seth Murray) - confirmed
      • 2012 - Dow AgroSciences, Indianapolis IN (Steve Plehn) - tentative
      • 2013 - Rotation to an academic host. Consider meeting jointly with another organization. Nominations of home institutions can be forwarded to Phil Simon.
    • NAPB Awards information and pdf nomination forms will be posted on the website. The invitation for nomination, including a link to the website, will be circulated to the mailing list when finalized. The deadline for nominations has been set for June 30th.
    • Each year at the Annual Meeting, the NAPB Secretary position is filled via election. A call for nominations for Secretary of NAPB will be issued to elicit possible candidates; nominations can be sent to Steve Baenziger, who as Past President is coordinating the election.
    • Future EC telecons are scheduled as follows, all to be held at 2p Eastern, 1p Central, 12noon Mountain, and 11a Pacific Time:
      • Tuesday, May 25, 2010
      • Thursday, June 17, 2010
      • Thursday, July 15, 2010
  • Minutes of telephone conference #37 on March 18, 2010 1:00-2:15p CDT
    • Present: S Baenziger, M Brubaker, D Cummings, S Murray, P Simon, S Smith, AM Thro, T Wehner, D Stelly, M Havey, K Smith
    • Monday, August 15
      • 11:00 am: Set up posters (Grand Terrace-East)
        • 11:00 am: Executive committee meeting
      • 1:00 pm: PBCC session 1 (Ballroom A) - update on what has been done; the next step for PBCC: more science (like the Plant and Animal Genome meeting); those who receive national needs grants must attend the conference
      • 2:30 pm: Break (Grand Terrace-East)
      • 3:00 pm: Subcommittee meetings (Hall of Ideas-E,F,G) - part 1 Complete previous work; part 2 Develop future plans
      • 4:00 pm: PBCC session 2 (Ballroom A)
      • 6:30 pm: Dinner - Wisconsin barbeque (Rooftop)
      • 8:00 pm: Speaker 1 (Ballroom A)
      • 9:00 pm: Cash bar (Rooftop)
    • Tuesday, August 17
      • 8:30 am: Speaker 2 (Ballroom A)
      • 9:15 am: Speaker 3 (Ballroom A)
      • 10:00 am: Break (Grand Terrace-East)
      • 10:30 am: Speaker 4 (Ballroom A)
      • 11:15 am: Speaker 5 (Ballroom A)
      • 12:00 n: Lunch (Grand Terrace-East)
      • 1:30 pm: Speaker 6 (Ballroom A)
      • 2:15 pm: Speaker 7 (Ballroom A)
      • 3:00 pm: Break (Grand Terrace-East)
      • 3:30 pm: Speaker 8 (Ballroom A)
      • 4:15 pm: PBCC session 3 (Ballroom A)
      • 6:00 pm: PBCC business meeting (Ballroom A)
      • 7:00 pm: Dinner (Grand Terrace-East)
    • Future meeting times
      • March 18, 2010 @ 1:00 p.m. Central Time
      • April 22, 2010 @ 1:00 p.m. Central Time
  • Minutes of telephone conference #36 on February 16, 2010 1:00-2:15p CDT
    • Present: S Baenziger, M Brubaker, D Cummings, S Murray, P Simon, S Smith, AM Thro, T Wehner, D Stelly, M Havey, K Smith
    • The 2010 PBCC Workshop, scheduled for August 15-17, will be held at the Pioneer Hi-Bred facility in Johnston, IA, with capacity for 236 participants. Dr. Gebisa Ejeta is confirmed as the keynote speaker for Sunday evening. Some additional subcommittees were formed around various organizational needs and these include the following:
      • Registration website: link is active; ready for review at the end of February; registration to begin in March
      • Scientific agenda subcommittee: B Tracy, T Wehner
        • Add Gebisa Ejeta to program for grad students on Sunday evening
        • Speaker: Richard Flavell at CERES in CA (molecular genetics on Arabidopsis) has been an excellent spokesperson for plant breeding,
      • Tours subcommittee: P Arthur, K Lamkey, B Tracy
      • Education subcommittee: R Holdren, T Abadie, R Mumm
      • A registration website has been created. Early registration discounts will be in effect through the end of May. Three hotels have reserved blocks of rooms with reasonable rates for participants. The workshop will be a product of the NAPB, at which a meeting of the PBCC will be scheduled.
    • PBCC awards. Awards are being developed by Jodi Scheffler and subcommittee for:
      • Early Career
      • Lifetime Achievement
      • Poster Award (students)
      • Suggestions for other awards can be directed to Jodi
    • Website update
      • Temporary website has been built in Dreamweaver
      • Content management software Jhawar is being evaluated
      • and are now linked to our website
    • White papers:
      • White paper has been revised for Excellence in Science by D Stelly
      • Nutrition paper is available online, but has not been submitted (M Havey)
      • T Stalker is working on education paper for that subcommittee
        • Add a section on grad fellowships on the website (D Cummings)
      • Food security white paper is needed (AM Thro)
      • Need to finish the white paper on evaluation of excellence in plant breeding (AM Thro)
        • The Food Security Issue of Science features scientists who are not directly involved in agricultural field research
        • Write a letter to the editor from NAPB
        • National Academy will not likely include plant breeders (perhaps the board on agriculture should include plant breeders)
        • Agriculture Academy might be developed to showcase researchers in agriculture
    • NAPB governance
      • Should we develop a scientific society for the NAPB?
    • Future meeting times
      • March 18, 2010 @ 1:00 p.m. Central Time
      • April 22, 2010 @ 1:00 p.m. Central Time
  • Minutes of telephone conference #35 on January 21, 2010 1:00-2:15p CDT
    • Present: P Simon, S Murray, S Baenziger, A Jaradat, A Van Deynze, AM Thro, D Stelly, D Cummings, F Isik, J Scheffler, ML Arpaia, M Havey, P Gepts, R Johnson, S Jansky, S Smith, R Mumm
    • The 2010 PBCC Workshop, scheduled for August 15-17, will be held at the Pioneer Hi-Bred facility in Johnston. Dr. Gebisa Ejeta is confirmed as the keynote speaker for Sunday evening.
    • Stephen Smith reported plans for discounted registration fees for graduate students and for poster/abstract presenters. Specifically for graduate student attendees, a Sunday evening event is planned, which may include a round table discussion with Stacy Bonos. Monday evening, dinner at the State House is planned for the general audience, with awards being presented at this time.
    • Mike Havey volunteered as Poster Chair.
    • Announcement of the Workshop is to go to various organization and societies through PBCC liaisons, as well as to PBCC general membership.
    • Seth Murray is coordinating the transaction to transfer ownership of the domain names ( and in support of the new PBCC website. This transfer will provide permanent legal status as follows: owner of these domain names will be the Southern Association of Agricultural Experiment Station Director, with billing to Rita H Mumm. Web hosting has been contracted for a period of 1 year (bill to come in 11 months).
    • Regarding NAPB/PBCC awards, application forms were updated to facilitate ease in nominating. Furthermore, eligibility rules have been clarified. June 15th is the application deadline for 2010. Two or more supporting letters will be required for each nomination from organizations outside the nominee’s institution. Nominator will be asked to provide a biographical sketch and photo for successful nominees by the time of the annual meeting.
    • Encouragement was provided to seek out other awards that NAPB/PBCC could promote. Allen Van Deynze requested materials in support of press releases on awards. The PBCC website was suggested as a format to feature news on award winners.
    • The importance of Hatch funds was suggested as an additional topic for white papers. Abdullah Jaradat is addressing bioenergy and food security (highlighted previously as suggested new topics for white papers) in a book chapter in progress. The white paper on Harmony between Agriculture and the Environment is going to be published in Frontiers of Ecology & Evolution.
    • Todd Wehner and Steve Baenziger are preparing a proposal on NAPB governance for the 2010 Workshop. Officer positions for NAPB are proposed as follows: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Web Editor. Todd Wehner suggested the creation of NAPB as a scientific society. ASA could provide infrastructure and management support.
    • Todd Wehner will represent NAPB at the American Association of Plant Biologist stakeholder workshop on April 13th. The importance of Hatch funding will be emphasized.
    • Future EC telecons are scheduled as follows, both to be held at 2p Eastern, 1p Central, 12noon Mountain, and 11a Pacific time:
      • February 16, 2010
      • March 18, 2010


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