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Plant Breeding Coordinating Committee

Information on Plant Breeding Research and Education Programs

Posters from Annual Meeting, February 2007

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The posters that follow were presented at the 1st National Plant Breeding Workshop organized by the Plant Breeding Coordinating Committee. The main purpose of the poster session was to present the current status of public plant breeding efforts in the United States. Nearly all of the principal university plant breeding programs were represented, as well as the efforts of the United States Department of Agriculture – Agricultural Research Service (USDA-ARS) and the U.S. Forest Service. Some additional posters discussed other plant breeding related efforts at both the national and international level.
In preparing the posters, participants were asked to follow these guidelines:

Plant breeding activities are defined as (a) plant breeding research, (b) germplasm enhancement, (c) variety (cultivar) development, (d) biotechnology research and development and (e) plant breeding education.

A person year (PY) is defined as work done in one year by a person who has responsibility for designing, planning, administering (managing) and conducting any of the above activities (a) to (d) and/or work done in one year relating to activity (e) formal plant breeding education. Technicians, post docs, graduate students, etc. should not be included. Definitions (a) to (d) followed those of the plant breeding report of Traxler, et al. (2004)

  1. Plant breeding research is defined as “research on the genetics of plants and methodologies of plant breeding and biotechnology usually done to provide fundamental information useful for making plant breeding more efficient and productive.”
  2. Germplasm enhancement is defined as “any activity that includes (a) the transfer of useful genes from unadapted lines of the same species, related species and genera, or any plant, animal, or microbe species transfer by sexual or asexual technology into plant genotypes that are useful for developing new crop varieties and (b) increasing the frequencies of desirable genes in crop gene pools that will be used for developing parents or varieties.
  3. Variety development is defined as “any activity of crossing, transformation, and/or selection (including biotechniques) that has the direct purpose of releasing a crop variety.
  4. Biotechnology research and development is defined as “activities related to scientific manipulation of living organisms, especially at the molecular genetic level, to produce new crop varieties or to improve crop breeding practice, including: molecular manipulation of genes, transformation, selection with molecular genetic markers, cell biology and diagnostic techniques, and genomics.” Do not include basic research in plant molecular biology.
  5. Plant breeding education is defined as teaching undergraduate and graduate courses whose principal subject matter addresses one of the four activities (a) to (d) listed above. Do not include courses in basic plant molecular biology. Do not include time dedicated to informal non-classroom graduate student mentoring.

Most of the posters appear as originally presented at the workshop. A few authors made small corrections after the meeting. In converting the original poster files to PDF format, some of the original formatting was lost on some parts of some posters. However, most of this valuable information remains intact.

Additional contributions from those institutions that were not able to present posters at the workshop, or updates to institutional data are welcome. Please contact me at the email address below if you would like to post data from your university. These files will be posted as “Supplements.”

  • Linda Wessel-Beaver, Poster Chair
  • Professor, Department of Agronomy and Soils
  • University of Puerto Rico
  • Mayagüez, Puerto Rico

Poster Files (pdf)


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