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Plant breeding:
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2nd Annual Plant Breeding Workshop

and Meeting of the Plant Breeding Coordinating Committee (SCC-080)

June 2008

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The 2008 Plant Breeding Coordinating Committee (SCC-080) meeting was held June 16-18 in Des Moines, IAA. The main topics were the improvement of support for public plant breeding, and building partnerships with related groups. Invited speakers and discussion groups were used to develop ideas and solutions for improved funding of public plant breeding and graduate education. White papers have been written for most of our seven subcommittees, and one-page summaries will follow soon after. We are now discussing the level of support needed at the federal level to support our discipline. For additional information on the meeting, see:

  • New officers were elected. There are now three officers per subcommittee as our new by-laws require.
  • Accomplishments and Impacts. We finalized a number of reports that illustrate the impact of plant breeding on stakeholders lives and developed our strategy for the next year.  The reports are linked below for each of the subcommittee areas:
    • Excellence in Science and Technology
    • A Globally Collaborative Agricultural System
    • Competitiveness, Sustainability and Quality of Life in Rural America
    • Safe and Secure Food and Fiber System
      • Subcommittee report (June 2008)
    • Healthy, Well-nourished Population
    • Harmony Between Agriculture and the Environment
      • Subcommittee report (June 2008)
    • Education and Training of Plant Breeders
  • The elections included a vote for a new name for the public outreach part of our committee. The suggestions are listed below (the count now includes votes turned in at the registration desk during the business meeting). The executive committee voted unanimously for the name: National Association of Plant Breeders (an initiative of the Plant Breeding Coordinating Committee).
    • 20 for National Association of Plant Breeders (an initiative of the Plant Breeding Coordinating Committee)
    • 19 for National Plant Breeding Asociation (iPBCC)
    • 11 for American Plant Breeding Association (iPBCC)
    • 2 for Plant Breeders Association of America (iPBCC)
    • 1 for Association of Phytosexual Studies (iPBCC)
    • 1 for US Plant Breeding Association (iPBCC)
    • 1 for Association of Allied Plant Breeders (iPBCC)
    • 1 for National Plant Breeders (iPBCC)
    • 1 for U.S. Plant Breeders Alliance (or Affiliation)
  • The membership of the planning committee was:
    • Wessel Beaver, Linda, chair (Univ. Puerto Rico)
    • Travis Frey (Monsanto, Huxley, IA)
    • Phil Simon (USDA-ARS, Madison, WI)
  • The membership of the speaker committee was:
    • Keith Woeste, chair (USDA Forest Service, West Lafayette, IN)
    • Kay Simmons (USDA-ARS, Beltsville, MD)
    • Ann Marie Thro (USDA-CSREES, Washington, DC)
  • The membership of the local host committee was:
    • Crosbie, Ted (Monsanto, Huxley, IA)
    • Pierce, Denise (Monsanto, Huxley, IA)
  • The membership of the nominations committee was:
    • Wehner, Todd, chair (NC State Univ.)
    • Hancock, James (Michigan State Univ.)


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